What is Oryng?

Oryng is an enthusiastic group of passionate individuals and organizations that have been influenced by the Wiring Framework, and who are working together to curate and expand its usage.

What is the Wiring Framework?

You have probably seen digitalWrite or delay somewhere. Both are part of the "language" that has been popularized by Arduino and similar boards, called the Wiring Framework.

What needs to be done?

Even though the popularity of the Framework is increasing, it needs to be formally maintained in a way that benefits all that use it. The mission of Oryng is to curate and expand the Framework, and make sure that changes and additions are universally acceptable by both users and the companies that develop technology utilizing it.

In addition, there are countless "libraries" that need to be wrangled and maintained. Part of our efforts will be to curate these amazing libraries that people have painstakingly developed.

What can you do to help?

The best way to help right now is to join our mailing list. We want to hear from you what you think needs to happen with the Framework.

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